smallCMS is a small, robust content management system and only requires PHP and MySql to be installed to run.

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smallCMS plays well with others and has been tested in the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Opera Appla Safari

smallCMS features

easy to integrate

Many people choose smallCMS to add to a template website or when a CMS is required but the budget does not stretch to a bespoke solution. smallCMS can also be quickly and easily added to an existing website.

Just add a smallCMS include to any page where you want to make the content managable through smallCMS and then add smallCMS content tags where you would like to make content editable.

browser friendly

Works with all the big players! smallCMS is written in PHP and mySql and conforms to the latest W3C web standards. It has been tested in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

simple to install

our installer does all the hard work.

basic requirements

smallCMS only requires PHP5 and MySql to run. Most shared hosting accounts have this as standard. If you are in any doubt contact your hosting company or create an account and download our compatability test page to check for yourself.

image support

Unlike many similar Content Management Systems smallCMS provides image upload and resize features. To help with search engine optimisation you can add/edit alt and title tags too.

one off cost

A small one time flat fee of £34 makes it easy to afford. Each license is locked to a single domain name, discounts are offered for multiple licenses please contact us for more information.

small footprint

Overall uncompressed package size of just 1.1MB.

easy to use

Helpfull information is displayed on every page of the smallCMS admin area.


Add your own or your clients logo.

language control

Language files are editable, so say it your own way. Languages files will be added to future releases and made available for free download if you have purchased an existing version.

web stats

smallCMS has an integrated statistics module and error page logger.